Weekend Build – Test Machine

If you have an extra laptop sitting around it will make good test machine. With companies supplying demo versions of their products it’s a quick way for you to build a small functional instance without investing a large amount of money.

You can find software such as visual studio express and SQL express. If you are working directly with a specific vendor they are usually pretty open to supplying demos that may have limited functionality. 
The vendor is usually open to the idea because it makes their life easier because you will have a better understanding of the capabilities their product offers.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Challenge

I’ve challenged myself to post using only my cell phone for the rest of the month of December. I want to see if I can truly use my phone for pretty much doing everything. Without jeopardizing Christmas I will also try and
order gifts. I want to see how realistic it is that as a consumer I will do everything with just a phone. I will be using the Samsung Edge to do all of these tasks. I just got the phone on Sunday so this will also add a little bit of complexity.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Learn From Others

As a blogger you can truly learn from others to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.  YouTube is a good place where you can truly find individuals with a lot of creativity.  These video makers use all their skills to create videos to entice users to understand what their channels are about.   Imagine that you have 168,000 subscribers to a YouTube channel and you are an individual.  You aren’t a big time corporation with a lot of brand recognition but just someone with a camera and a voice getting people connected with your products.  A perfect example of is Flossy Carter, he makes videos about technology such as cell phones.  He’s figured out how to put a twist on his videos to make them different and entertaining.  Take a look at Flossy’s YouTube Channel.

Digital Marketing Titan – How are you fulfilling consumer needs?

With the focus of so many digital tools to make tasks easier we have forgotten as marketers what’s important.  As a digital marketer it is your job to paint a picture for your potential consumer of their desire being met.  How does your product or service meet the need of the consumer?  If the consumer didn’t have a need to be met they wouldn’t be looking for your product or service to begin with.

In a world full of talk about SEO and SEM your customer doesn’t care about these fancy technical terms.  Technical companies want you to focus on SEO tools because it’s how they make money.  These tools promise a very difficult task of getting your website page to the top of search engine results.  If using the tool was the answer companies wouldn’t be full of multiple tools in their stables that still don’t produce the outcome they are looking for.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is just another tool.  It has the promise of promoting the companies message (ad) to be at the top of search results.  What’s your monthly spend verses the return you receive back?  Is your SEM actually helping or is it just a task that is being done to say it is being completed?

Weekend Digital Warrior – Short Blog Posts

Try to simplify your blog posts so they are easy to follow.  If you can keep your posts to about two paragraphs it will make it easier for your readers to digest.  When they are reading your posts on their phone two paragraphs will seem quite long.  Anything longer than the two paragraphs will seem like it’s continuing with no end.  You want users to have enough time to get through your content in between tasks they may be trying to complete.

Maybe your readers are riding the bus or subway or waiting for a movie to start.  Your posts should be quick enough for them to read without rushing.  You want your readers to understand your view point and re-visit the post if needed in the smallest amount of time.  What good is a blog post if your reader doesn’t have enough time to read it?

Weekend Digital Warrior – Blog For You & Be True

When working on your blog talk about things that you are truly interested in.  What would you blog about if no one else was listening?  This is what makes your blog truly something that is yours.  It doesn’t matter if you have an audience of 100,000 or an audience of 1 when you are being yourself.  You’ll have more fun and be truly committed to your blog when you don’t care what others think about what you’ve typed.

There are so many misconceptions about what to do with blogs to get traffic to them.  To be honest if you are writing about something you enjoy there’s a good chance that someone else out there will enjoy what you are blogging about too.

Blogging should truly be something fun for you.  If your blog isn’t fun and it feels like you are working then you aren’t blogging the way that you should be.  The passion that you have is what creates the sustenance that feeds your blog.  It will keep your blog running for a long period of time no matter what may be going on in your life.  Having a tough day? Writing on your blog should provide a sense of calm and relaxation for you.  When you blog you should be in a zone; it’s just you and the computer building something that can’t be duplicated by anyone else.

Digital Marketing Titan – Software As A Service

Software As A Service has changed the way companies are doing business.  The times of expensive hardware and high level technical individuals to maintain these components has changed.  Understanding companies like Salesforce will help you to get a handle on the direction that digital marketing is headed.

Collecting data and storing it where it can be used to make better decisions will be valuable to your company.  How this helps you as a digital marketer is by allowing you to understand patterns of your potential consumer.  The more data you collect the more you will uncover how these consumers engage with you and why.

Digital Marketing Titan – The Basics

The landscape in the digital marketing world has changed to be technical.  To be a true player in this space you have to obtain some technical knowledge.  You need to understand how to use Content Management Systems and the basics of how databases work.  This will allow you to get an understanding of how to use websites to collect information and how they store data.  This is the beginning stage to further discovery of platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and SugarCRM.

You need to understand the tools that are winning in the digital age have taken data that used to be separate and combined them into one place.  The tool interfaces allow you to read and manipulate large amounts of data easily from one location.  This isn’t a new concept, the databases that hold the data have been around for years.  The advancement in sophistication of the interfaces is allowing the data to be accessed between multiple platforms.  The true power comes from being able to share this type of information quickly and consistently.

Digital Marketing Titan – Content Regurgitation

Many corporate websites fail because they are created to solve a problem that exists inside the company.  The site was not truly for an outside audience but really for internal use.  Taking content that is intended for internal use and regurgitating it to be used outside the company won’t produce good results.  The problem is that the internal audience can’t understand the internal “lingo” that you may use.

If you are in this situation it is up to you as a digital marketer to figure out how to translate this information so it’s easy for your audience to understand.

Digital Marketing Titan – Your Online Pieces

What’s your company’s identity?  You will never be able to produce online pieces that can truly move your audience until you understand who your company is.  How do you create something that a person can feel energized by without it having a message they understand?  This is the problem with marketing in large organizations.  The culture implies that anyone can do marketing but the truth is not everyone truly understands marketing.

Everyone is a receiver of marketing so they think that they know how it works.  You watch all the banner ads daily on the web and instantly believe that you can do it without any training.  This is how you put your company and yourself in a bad situation.  Each online piece should truly have its own purpose, if you are creating online pieces without a purpose you most likely don’t have a strategy.


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