Your email proposition has to be good

One of the problems that I see quite a bit is that the email proposition isn’t compelling enough.  Someone who has signed up for your email communication has taken the time to do so because they are interested in your product or service.  There is something (barrier) keeping them from taking the next step of moving on your product or service.  The proposition in your email is to help eliminate the barrier.  If you aren’t assisting in solving the customers problem (barrier) you may be headed down the wrong path.  It’s better to re-work the issues with your email marketing strategy prior to sending out multiple messages.  If you don’t fix the email strategy issues before sending the message you could find yourself in a situation where no one is opening your messages or they are dropping from your email list.

Building A Site For Personal Versus Corporate Use

I’m always working when it comes to building a successful website.  After eight hours in the office it’s pretty normal for me to come home and put in two to four more hours.  It’s the extra effort behind the scenes that truly makes a difference and others are rarely aware of it.

I’m thinking about websites all the time, whether it’s for work or something personal that I’m trying to launch.  The strategies are a little different for each type of site.  For a personal site I don’t have any brand to ride on because I’m not famous.  I have to prove myself and get people to buy into what I’m doing.  When I’m working on a work site it’s a little easier because there’s brand recognition.  The strength of the brand can carry the campaign or content piece that I’m working on since it gives instant credibility.

Personal sites are a lot harder but it’s a really good challenge for anyone who works a lot with corporate sites.  If you are building your own site it helps you to get a clear understanding of what works and what is a myth.  It’s a lot more difficult to build something from scratch than to ride on someone else’s success.

Videos that teach and inspire – it’s all about Apple. What will you do to inspire?

When it comes to videos no one can compete with Apple at the moment.  While these videos touch your soul they educate you on the how to use each product and their capabilities.  The introduction of every video starts with describing the design or the creation of the product and what it means to you as a user.  Each opening tag line creates early engagement, these types of videos are perfect for online content.

Everyone knows how to use a watch but the Apple watch video takes it a little further.  The video alone is enough to keep you interested while online.  The video is good enough where you don’t need a web page full of text to explain the purpose of the watch.  If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

Watch the Apple Watch video

What small digital efforts do you do well? Can you out perform Cadillac?

Sometimes it’s not about the major things but the small minor efforts that your users remember.  In your digital content do your viewers remember something special that you did?  Can they tell you something specific about your product based on an interaction that you created on your website or online banner?

Cadillac took something really simple and turned it into something interesting.  On the Cadillac SRX page half way down in the Interior section they created an interaction component with the sun roof.  I’m not a fan of the music but they did a really good job on showing you how the sun roof works.

What small things can you do to increase the value of your content?

How’s your product marketing coinciding with your digital?

So you’ve created a print ad to place in one of your favorite publications.  The messaging matches the positioning that you see your product filling.  Now what?  Did you create a digital campaign to help reinforce the messaging in your ad?  Maybe campaign isn’t the correct word to use.  For someone who wouldn’t see the print ad, how would they come across your positioning online?  With cell phones getting bigger and stronger there are going to be a lot of users continuing to push the digital platforms to their limits.  Now you will be able to truly have your messaging seen at all times throughout the day.  An advantage that you could have in the digital space is cost.  Depending on how you create your digital pieces the cost versus putting in a print piece could be way cheaper.

Are you still chasing SEO?

In the early stages of the internet all you ever heard about was SEO.  You even had people trying to trick the search engines by stuffing their websites with keywords that weren’t related to the site.  These conversations have seem to slow down for the most part but you still have a lot of people inside of corporations filling up meeting time with this topic.  You ever hear people asking, “Why doesn’t our website show up for this keyword?”.  Pretty much the answer is simple, most of the time the page doesn’t use the keyword in any of its content.

While everyone else likes to focus so much on SEO for some reason people forget about referrals.  You should try to focus your team on building more referrals to your website if you are going to be competitive long term.  The more referrals you receive from high ranking sites the stronger your site will become.  How do you build these referrals?  You’ve got to truly write content that only your company can produce.  If your company builds a product or offers  a specific service write about things that only you would know.  Since the content is unique and can only be obtained by you it’s your competitive advantage.  In the marketing world think about how your company positions itself.  Use its position to determine the types of things to write about, it’s the same strategy that you use when developing marketing ads.

My first online training example

I wanted to see if I could make my own training program for the internet.  I’ve never really made one of these before so I thought it would be a good challenge for me.  It’s not the greatest but I think it’s good for a first try.  My Internet Training Guide Example.  I’ve still got a little bit of work to do on the mobile structure but I got a little sleepy last night and had to take a break.  I was proud to be able to add a little sound to it.

What’s the call to action?

When working on any site the call to action must be clear on each page.  When a user visits the page what are you wanting them to do?  I’ve worked on a couple of sites throughout my career that the call to action seems to be an after thought.  The issue with this is you’ll have a beautiful site but no one signs up for the company news letter or fills out the sales form. The reason is because since the action was an after thought it’s not in the natural visitor flow.  A lot of times these items will just become links down at the bottom of the page just so someone can say they did the task.  The reality is in the planning process of the website someone should be asking the question of “What’s the intent of this page or website?”.

A Campaign Site I’m Proud To Be A Part Of

Every now and then there’s a site that I really enjoy working on.  In August we launched a site to promote one of our newer aircraft –  Our small digital team created the site to build influence online with potential customers.  The timeline gives a different approach to navigation instead of the usual link clicking that takes you to different pages. The site pushed us to work on our creativity and think outside daily confines.  Even though it’s a small site it really does a good job of keeping the audience focused.  Since it’s using the timeline with a slider it’s considered to be only one page.   The one page makes it simple for users to maneuver and easy for them to remember how to find the content.  I’m excited about the next phase of the site – stay tuned.

Changing Direction

It has been some time since I have written anything on this blog. I’ve switched gears a little bit by working on a car website. I’ve been targeting hot rods buyers and sellers in the Midwest.

I decided to listen to what people have said all along, “find something you enjoy and make a living from it”. I love cars, enjoy looking at them and the way they sound is incredible with the right muffler on them.

To get an idea of what I’m working on check out


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