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Changing Direction

It has been some time since I have written anything on this blog. I’ve switched gears a little bit by working on a car website. I’ve been targeting hot rods buyers and sellers in the Midwest.

I decided to listen to what people have said all along, “find something you enjoy and make a living from it”. I love cars, enjoy looking at them and the way they sound is incredible with the right muffler on them.

To get an idea of what I’m working on check out


Wednesday Fanpage Tip

I’ve read a lot of books about social and online marketing strategies.  I wonder how many of the people who have written books have actually done the strategies?  Maybe I should say, how many are actually any good at it?  As I work on my fan page I can tell you that a lot of the tactics that I read about really don’t work.  I can also tell you as a person who is trying to create his own brand it’s a lot harder to get people to follow you.

One strategy I would read in books and hear from ad agencies is to post often – screw that.  Focus on providing good posts and you don’t have to worry about how often you should be posting.  Your fans will let you know whether you are posting enough.


Online facebook fans to real world fans

So the fan page is still moving ahead with full steam.  One thing that I didn’t expect is for the fans to start contacting me that are local.  I’ve had multiple people stop me and say they would like to purchase a pen.  I thought that most of the purchases would be online since we are in a digital time.  I was completely wrong at the moment, the people who have come to me said they prefer to purchase face to face.

Now that I know face to face is very important in the purchasing funnel for my pens I need to figure out how to handle it better.  How does my fan page fit into this?  Should I only use the fan page to show the pens that I’ve made for my face to face customers with the intent of getting more local customers?  At the moment I’ve only had one customer who lives in another state.  I think it’s most likely because of the trust relationship that I’m still trying to build with people who don’t actually know me.


Make a fan page process for tracking tone

A process for your fan page is probably the most important thing to build if you don’t have one. It becomes even more important when multiple people are supporting a fan page. You want to have some consistency in the way the posts sound to your fans. People tend to type in the same manner in which they talk. If you have more than one person working on your fan page monitor the tone and measure the engagement to see what works best depending on who posts the information.

You may also notice certain fans flock to the tone they associate best with. A tone can be used for only a post with a certain message or to engage a certain fan type.


Promoting Posts to Build Fans

Even when you feel like you have the answers to everything you find out quickly that you don’t. The Facebook fan page is quickly approaching 200 and I learned it may be a little too soon. With the additional fans comes a lot more interaction. In a span of an hour I had a lot more question than I ever had. No complaints from me though, it goes to show that people like good pens.

One way that I got the fans so quickly was through promoting a Facebook post. Under each post you should see a button that says “Promote Post”, click the button and your budget amount and the Facebook will take it from there.


Xbox One takes over Microsofts Fan Page

Good online marketing companies plan their Facebook strategies around a product or event.  Microsft is no exception to the rule, this week on the Microsft Facebook fan page they shared many posts supporting the new Xbox.  With the announcement of the Xbox One Microsoft took this as an opportunity to display some of the new games that are available only on the Xbox One.

Even though they did a good job on promoting the Xbox One on the fan page I believe they almost went a little overboard.  There were multiple posts in a row about the Xbox One.  There should have been some other posts to break up that content because Microsoft builds more than just the Xbox.


Oh dear Wichita River Festival Fan Page

I love the city that I live in but when it comes to the Wichita River Festival fan page they fell short.  With a little over 15,000 fans for an event that comes once a year that’s not bad.  What is bad is when you don’t use any pictures in posts to gain the audiences attention.  I understand that the festival was coming to an end but it was like they stopped a little too soon.  I’m not sure how you miss taking pictures of a concert and fireworks to show to your fans.

How about a wrap up picture gallery this week that shows some of the events that weren’t posted?  Everyone likes fireworks so maybe just one picture behind the scenes would be impressive.  Somehow the People of Riverfest fan page had fireworks pictures.  Hmmm….


What did Curleys teach me about Facebook?

There’s a place around the corner from my house called “Curleys”.  The only reason that I know that it exists is because I was at the ATM yesterday and happened to see a truck parked in front of me with “Curleys” on the side.  Right next to the truck there was a little sign in the grass that said “Now Open” with an arrow pointing to Curleys.  To give you a better view into the situation Curleys is in a building that sits behind a couple of other buildings.  I can tell you the building has been multiple other restaurants prior to Curleys.  None of the businesses were successful because of the location.  Will Curleys be any different?

The situation that Curleys is using for its promotion is what many online businesses do for Facebook.  They sink a lot of time in preparing the physical business but slack on the online Facebook promotion strategy.  Even though I saw the sign and truck for Curleys most likely I still won’t go there. So what does this have to do with your Facebook fan page?  Facebook fan pages are viewed in the same manner, people won’t go there unless they already have an idea of what it’s about.

Don’t be a Curley, make a Facebook ad and give it a fair amount of time to run.  You truly need to promote if you are going to build a fan following.


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