Weekend Digital Warrior – Blog Your Heart Out

Blog your way to success by focusing on consistently talking about related information.  Build upon your last blog post to educate your consumer on the benefits of your product or service.  You are trying to position your product or service as the solution to the problem your consumer is having.  While you are positioning your product you are also using your blog as the information mechanism to supply the answers.

You are trying to put your blog in your consumers mind as the first place to look for answers on a specific topic.  Once you have established your blog as a place for dependable answers you don’t have to worry much about SEO.  Users will look for your blog by name due to other users sharing the information inside of the blog.  At this point you are creating your own blog brand; the conceived notation of value in your consumers mind.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Online Theory And Experience

With online platforms it’s easy to make assumptions on how something might work.  Without truly testing the platform you are pretty much depending on theory.  Theory can be the downfall of online strategies due to a lack of knowledge or past experience.

You need to rely on your actual experience when trying to build your web properties.  Achieving success online sometimes takes the ability to deviate from the general advice that is scattered in books and every other website on the web.  There is no one solution to fit every website on the internet. Use the advantage of your product or service and figure out how to use it to build a loyal online following.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Blog Subscribers

When working with your blog you may have a little trouble capturing analytics.  Since blogs have the ability to capture subscribers many of your users may view your posts directly from their inbox.  With your users viewing the content through the inbox you won’t be able to see who has viewed your posts in the analytics.  This will give you a false sense of who or if anyone is looking at your posts.

Subscribers are the most powerful users of your blog.  Keep pushing and keep creating content because these users are waiting to hear what you have to say.  They are committed to your blog and it’s purpose so don’t let them down. Use your blog as a canvas to paint a picture of the capabilities that your product or service can provide to your subscribers.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Repeat Your Online Message

When you are working on a campaign you must repeat it over a set amount of time.  You have to give your campaign truly a chance to run to give possible consumers time to find your message on their desired platform.  The internet may be available twenty-four hours a day but your consumer isn’t online that much.  Users will access your content at different times depending on their schedule.  Don’t assume that they are using a cell phone verses a computer or tablet.  Many times a consumer has at least two of these devices available to them.  This is why the discussion of website versus mobile is still a hot topic, but in reality you try to build your sites to work on any platform regardless of the hardware a consumer is using.

Whatever your message is that you are trying to communicate online it should be easily duplicated.  It shouldn’t matter if a user sees your message on a social platform, your personal website or in a google ad the message should be the same.  The reason you want it to be the same is to re-enforce what you want the consumer to remember.  The message should be short and easy to comprehend or explain to someone else.  If the message cannot be easily repeated you don’t have a good message.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Cheesy Tag Lines

So you’ve got the site design that you believe will change the way you do business online.  The colors of the site are what you imagined, the designer did a great job putting things together.  The meta tags are in place with the alt tags included behind each picture.  Now you face one of the largest tasks in getting consumers to find the site of your dreams.  When you dreamed of owning your own site you weren’t aware that you had to become a marketer.  You don’t know where to begin; you see all kinds of sites with cheesy tag lines online.  Should you make cheesy tag lines for your site?  Do these cheesy tag lines work?

One mistake to avoid is copying the strategy of using slick marketing tag lines.  You want to give your visitors a sign of confidence when they are visiting your site.  Remember the words that you use on your site determine the quality and value that a user perceives.  Think of cheesy tag lines like an infomercial you see in the middle of the night with the guy who is talking extra fast.  How many things have you purchased from an infomercial like this?

Weekend Digital Warrior – Your Blog

Remember when you were excited about the blog that you created?  Now it seems like you are running out of things to talk about and no one is listening.  Don’t forget about the reason you started your blog to begin with.  You wanted a platform to express the things that you enjoy with others who have the same passion.  Don’t get trapped in the focus of watching the analytic data like a hawk.  When you focus on the analytic data you start to write for the wrong reasons.  The fun approach you take to your blog writing will disappear because you will become something that you didn’t intend to be.

Continue to write your blog posts as if you are talking to a friend in the room with you.  Don’t try to write from the stand point you want everyone to like your posts.  Be true to your posts because this is what makes you unique.  Your thoughts are what make you truly special and separates your blog from the other blogs that are online.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Watch Who You Follow

If you decide to use Twitter don’t make the mistake of trying to follow individuals to trick them into following you.  The issue with this strategy is that you aren’t truly getting people who are following you because they are interested in what you are talking about.  It’s better to slowly build up your followers with people who are trying to consume your content.  You will have a better chance to convert these types of users when promoting your product or service later.

Building a strong marketing strategy is key to anything that you do online.  It doesn’t matter what social platform you are using the approach needs to be consistent.  If you can only build one follower per day that’s better than nothing because these are users who want to hear about what you are doing.  Don’t get impatient and try to build your followers too fast or you’ll try some marketing techniques that could end up wasting your time and money.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Assist With A Problem

If you are truly building a useful website it should assist visitors with solving a problem they are having.  If you can master this concept you won’t have to worry about chasing SEO.  The users of your site will naturally spread the existence of your site to others with the same problem.  When users share websites with other users it’s a sign that they see enough value to pass it along.

Users are going to search for something like, “How do I clean a dirty keyboard?”  You should have a website title page that is something like, “Cleaning a dirty keyboard is easy with PRODUCT NAME”.  In your content you will need to show how easy it is to clean with your product, preferably using a video.  Using a video is preferred because you are showing an action without the user having to read through a ton of text.

The call to actions you would use on the dirty keyboard example would be:

1. To play the video
2. Small amount of text under or next to the video with a purchase button.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Building A Digital Phrase To Be Remembered

Pick a phrase that you want to be remembered by on your web site.  As an example let’s say you write poems and you list them on your web site.  Assume most of your poems are about the different seasons throughout the year.  When you talk about the poems on your site you would use something catchy like “Poems of the season by NAME”.  What you are trying to do is train your online users to search for this phrase every time they look for your web site. Let’s say your first name is Justin, you would say “Poems of the season by Justin”.

To build upon the title of “Poems of the season by Justin” you most likely would name each one of your poems something.  In this case let’s say you name the poem “Fall Is Looming”.  The entire title of your piece online would be  “Poems of the season by Justin | Fall Is Looming”.

Each poem you write should have it’s own page.  You will follow this strategy for each page which will build up the word count for the phrase “Poems of the season by Justin”.  This will help push you to the top in the search engine rankings for this phrase when you get enough pages with this phrase combination.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Your Social Media Flaw

Social media is a good tool for getting the word out about your website to a large audience.  The reach is what makes social media of interest to you and other online marketers.  The flaw you will see with social marketing is that it’s difficult to get the users that you connect with on social platforms to come back to your website.  What use is a consumer that you can’t get to come back to your website in a consistent manner?  You will have to work twice as hard to figure out how to get your potential social consumers to venture to your site.

You found an audience on Facebook by using a Facebook fan page.  There’s a good chance those users will only visit your fan page and not your actual website.  These types of users tend to never leave the platform where they first interacted with you because this is where they are comfortable spending their time every day.  These consumers come to the same platform each day with the intent of performing the same task and they don’t like to deviate from it.

The difficulty is being consistent; you can get any consumer to click a link once to your site but will you be able to get them to click on it weekly or monthly?


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