Weekend Digital Warrior – Cell phone purchases

You see a lot of talk about consumers using their cell phones to visit web sites and blogs.  When they are on their cell phones what kind of sites are they visiting?  Are they truly going to sites to make purchases?  When you are trying to understand the cell phone debate be truthful with yourself by understanding how you use your own cell phone.  When you get on your cell phone are you actually going to sites like Target and Walmart to make a purchase?  I bet there’s a good chance that you are probably visiting a site like Facebook and really only browsing all of your friends’ pictures.

I was at the movies last night, and showed up an hour early to get a good seat to see the Hunger Games.  While sitting in the theatre there were at least twenty people on their cell phones that I could see clearly what they were doing.  All the cell phone users were doing pretty much the exact same thing.  Most of the people were for sure on Facebook showing the person next to them a picture that someone else had posted.  The other small percentage of guys were playing games like Clash Of Clans.  No one was shopping using their cell phone!

Digital Marketing Titan – Bring Your Strategy To Life

How do you build something that is ever lasting?  It takes more than just a tool to create a strategy that will build your company’s online success.  Tools are only vehicles, they have no true power alone.  There has to be a person who can drive the tool to become a true power.  You have to be able to take the experience that you have and use it to build a strategy that your team can get behind.  Your strategy will help your company reach its goals.  Strategies need time to actually take hold and start to produce results.  Company culture tends to rush strategies causing teams to cut corners but it’s very important that you resist this urge.  Ride out your strategy and educate the people around you to understand the importance of allowing the proper amount of time to let the strategy come to life.

Digital Marketing Titan – Smoke And Mirrors

Another flaw of corporate websites can be the budget controls what can be done to the website.  Instead of using the voice of the customer to give an insight to what should be done the lack of budget makes the determination.  Budget is like applying handcuffs when it comes to marketing and IT solutions.  The budget can keep costs from skyrocketing but in many cases the budget is no where near the level it should be for the project.  Budget forecasting is truly a guessing game when it comes to your digital campaign due to unforeseen technical issues that you will come up against.

On the flip side the abuse of the budget accounts for it’s own issues when building corporate websites.  Team members purchasing tools without a strategy just to consume a budget they may lose.  This allows for the implementation of a tool that the company truly doesn’t need and is creating extra noise in the web space.  These types of rogue purchases hurt the website by diluting a proven strategy with a tool that was never intended to be in the strategy.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Blogging Is Who You Are

Your blog is an extension of yourself and it will show through your writing.  Use the love that you have for a particular subject to bring out the power in your blog.  Your writing style and the delivery of the information is what makes your blog stand out from all the others.  Your content that you post on the blog will become your market positioning pieces.  The content will also become the branding of who you are and what your blog represents.

Unsuccessful blogs are those that the writer has not tapped into who they truly are.  A blog isn’t a tool for only selling; there’s plenty of places that a consumer can find just to purchase items.  A blog that is created only for selling will have a limited future or face many difficulties.  You will find it hard to maintain something that has no purpose.  A blog with no purpose is very difficult to steer because it’s not clear where it should be headed.

Digital Marketing Titan – Visionary

To really make a difference in the online world you need to have a good team. Every member of good teams bring different sets of experiences. The experience of each team member helps push the limits of what a company can achieve in an online space. One person on a team can’t know how to do everything. Often times individual team members don’t want to do everything, they want to shine at what they do well.

The role of the visionary is often over looked on web project teams. The visionary has the ability to see how far a project can go even before it has started. Dull online projects are those where a visionary isn’t involved. Visionaries will push the boundaries of the technology and the developers to produce something new and fresh. A visionary is not interested in copying someone else’s solution but is more interested in providing uniqueness to an old solution. Are you an online visionary?

Digital Marketing Titan – Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is always something that has been intriguing. You are always striving to have the lowest bounce rate you can have on a website.  The bounce rate is a way that you can determine how your content on your site is doing.  The lower the rate the better your consumers are doing with navigating and consuming your content.

There are times when your bounce rate could possibly be high and it’s okay.  You can have a one page campaign that the only “call to action” is to fill out a form.  Users that do not fill out the form will leave the site causing the bounce rate to rise.  In this case it doesn’t pose a huge issue because the intent of the campaign is to have potential consumers fill out the form.

Digital Marketing Titan – Tools & Strategy

If the basics of online marketing is forgotten, how do you expect to use a tool to improve what you are doing? Online marketing tools have taken over the corporate landscape. You expect the tools to do everything for you automatically. You fail to realize that the tool can only perform the action, it can’t create the strategy.

You have to keep the mindset that a tool is only their to help you improve the structure that you have created manually. If the tool no longer existed it shouldn’t stop you from completing your process. The process should be easily implemented onto another platform or done manually. If you can’t reproduce your current process without the tool you currently are using there is a failure in your strategy.

Weekend Digital Warrior – XAMPP

Sundays are good days to work on your blog strategy.  Readers will read your posts on Sundays but they don’t seem to be as highly engaged like during the week.  Use this time to go back and review your daily posts and see how you readers interacted with them.

Use your Sunday to work on a test WordPress blog that only you can see.  You can build your own test server for WordPress by using XAMPP.  XAMPP will install a database and WordPress on your personal computer automatically.  The advantages you will have with your own testing blog server is that you can test posts and designs.  This will give you a place to create and experiment with all the different possibilities before putting them on your real blog site.

Weekend Digital Warrior – Put In The Time

Working on your blog has to be a daily thing, you’ve got to put in the time to make it a success.  It’s actually one of the hardest things you’ll have to do.  Pushing to write a posts is very difficult considering it’s not your job and you have plenty of things to do each weekend.  You have to put blogging in your daily schedule and allow it to have just as much importance as everything else in your life.  The more blogging you do the better you will become and your followers will benefit from it.  The things that you write about will become more clear and you will gain momentum.  Use that momentum to push the boundaries of the topics that you write about and to increase your knowledge.

Digital Marketing Titan – Flaw Of Corporate Websites

The strength of corporate websites are carried in their brand recognition.  Visitors easily know how to search for the corporate name which allows these sites to receive a massive amount of traffic.  While this has a positive result it’s also one of its hidden flaws.  Since these sites easily obtain traffic, inside the corporation the first thing that marketers tend to do is put all types of content on the website with no strategy.  The thought process is to use website pages as repositories instead of messaging platforms.

When a corporate website starts to be used as a repository the site gets to a place where it’s unusable.  There’s no clear navigation path for the users of the site because the site will show signs of sporadic documents and links.  The site will get so large that the people maintaining the site will be unable to keep it updated due to pieces of content going unnoticed.  The website is no longer for giving a marketing message but to share documents as a support platform.


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