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June 4, 2013

Google Ads, Bing Ads vs Facebook Ads

by jhasmal

I’ve been running a couple of ads on Bing, Facebook and Google to do some testing.  My opinion on each one of them has changed dramatically after using them in depth.  Initially I was biased towards Google Ads because that’s what I’ve been accostom to over the years and I use Google for my personal search engine.  When it comes to advertising my small business that has shifted my thinking quite a bit.

I started using Facebook Ads because I had a free coupon that I received from Godaddy.  Even though the credit didn’t work because it said I had done a campaign before I felt it was the right thing for me to try.  I’ve been using Facebook Ads for a month now and it for sure is useful to my fan page.  With the help of the ads I’ve grown my fan page from 0 fans to 100 fans in about two months.  I had a small number of fans prior to starting the ad but I know for sure my page would have run out of steam.  I’ve been able to connect with fans that weren’t connected to me or my friends in any kind of way.

I received a Bing credit also from GoDaddy and luckily this one worked fine.  I’ve been using Bing to get users to this blog, so if you found your way here from a bing ad you already know the benefits.  Bing seems to be less crowded when it come to search engine competition unlike Google.  At the moment I can’t really afford to compete for Google searches because there is too much competition which raises the price per click.

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