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June 11, 2013

Game on! 120 Facebook fans and growing

by jhasmal

So the strategy is working that I’m using to collect Facebook fans on my page.  I haven’t changed anything since I started using the small ad to collect fans.  If you remember from my first blog post my budget is $2 a day or basically $60 per month.  The key is to have patience and don’t rush and try to get a flood of new fans all at once.  The more you rush the quicker you will find yourself in a bloated financial campaign with minimal results.

I wanted to give an update on the offline test that I blogged about a while back.  If you don’t remember, I sent two pens out to see if the recipients would talk about the pens on their personal Facebook page.  Neither one of them posted anything on their personal pages but I did get some other types of actions.  One messaged me in a Facebook private message and asked for me to make a pen as a gift for someone else.  The other person gave me a phone call and said they would tell everyone about their pen and they loved it.  I call this a fare trade; I handed out a pen in exchange for a personal reference.

I looked back at the fan count during the time I wrote the offline test blog entry and I was at 80 fans.  Since that time I picked up 40 new fans to get to 120 today, that’s not bad.

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