Weird Marketing Ploy Online

Tracking of users on websites using cookies is the new rage for online marketers.  I get it…  What I don’t understand is being creepy about it.  Just because I visit your website doesn’t mean that I want an email from you five minutes later.  If these marketers knew how many emails I get a day and how many of them I ignore.  If I was ready to talk to you or buy your product I would.

Stalking users across platforms is good from a business strategy but emailing them is weird.  Keep that in mind when you are marketing to your prospective customers.  It’s a little bit out of the ordinary and it’s not in the natural flow of the buyer process.

The Battle Within The Corporation

The hardest thing about digital in a large corporation is trying to move the environment.  You spend most of the time trying to convince others on the correct strategy.  While you are confident that you are taking the right approach there are others who believe their approach is better.  What makes it interesting is that many times the people who think their approach is better know little about digital marketing.  This is what slows a company down considerably and eventually beats down its employees.

Culture in companies rarely change due to the leadership never changing.  Employees are ingrained in the culture so even if things change at the top the bottom stays the same.  When you try to buck the system you are looked at as a trouble maker.

Google Seems To Have Forgotten Why It Exists

I’ve come to the conclusion that by the time Google finally decides to find your digital space you won’t really need it’s help anymore.  Google seems to only be interested in sites that are already established.  Sites that currently have a strong following due to its brand.

What’s the point of a search engine that shows the same exact thing and never changes?  There’s truly not a sense of fairness from Google when it comes to sites across the internet.  You may have a legitimate site but you’ll never get a fair chance when relying on Google.

Why doesn’t Google give new sites a chance?  Why doesn’t the search engine randomly select sites to occasionally show on the first page of the results?   It’s kind of a sad situation that the top 10 sites listed on the first page never change.  How is the search engine providing the ultimate experience to a user if it doesn’t easily show all sites equally?  Over an extended period of time if the user is performing the same search the results are useless.

Google, I am a true believer that it’s okay to show sites that are on the second and third pages up higher in the search results.  If a user keeps performing the same search they aren’t truly getting what they are looking for.  How about a random display of results if the user keeps performing the same search with an option to see the original results if needed?

Digital Cadence – Stay in the forefront

Digital marketing is pretty much about cadence, which companies don’t do a good job.  You need to have a repeated schedule for marketing your products online.  What you are trying to get from the cadence is keeping your product in the forefront of a potential consumers mind.

You don’t always have to link your banner ad to get a reaction when you are following cadence.  There are times that you are only trying to keep a message in front of a user for an extended period.  You do this tactic when you don’t have a campaign with a true call to action.  You’re making the consumer aware of the product until you are ready to entice them to react.

Imagine your digital cadence is like a television commercial.  You may not be ready to buy at the moment but the commercial reinforces a message.  When you get to a place where you are ready to make a purchase the commercial’s message is what you will remember first.

A Challenge Is Still A Problem In The Digital Space

The mistake that is made by many companies is ignoring the level of expertise that it takes to manage websites.  We are in an era where many web managers have multiple sites that they are responsible for.  Some sites have many pages and require a large amount of time to keep them up to date.

Upper management in company’s don’t understand the effort that is truly needed to manage a site.  They believe that web pages are just pictures and text that can be changed in a matter of seconds.  While this is true in many cases there are some advanced processes that truly require technical know how.

Companies want to move faster and they assume that web management should just flow as fast as the rest of the company.  This is a problem that has been created by upper management to push employees regardless of the barriers.  We’ve turned the word “problem” into “challenges”; believing that this will change the way we do things.  When it comes to technology it doesn’t matter if you call it a “problem” or “challenge”, it’s still a true issue that a team has to solve.

A company truly never gets the implementation of technology that it should due to tasks being completely date driven.  A project manager who is only trying to hit a date to please the management at the top is a weakness.  The team will fall in line because they don’t want to feel the pain that’s associated with keeping the project from hitting the required date.  The team is willing to let an issue go to protect themselves.  Regardless of the situation the team will feel the blame either during the project or at the end when the implementation has issues.

Truly, the blame should be pointed at the upper management who put the team in a bad situation due to date driven only goals.

Your Digital Space Is Powerful

Your digital platform is an extension of who you are and what you represent.  The things that you believe in will be acted out on your platform.  Your users can sense these methods when they come to your space.  If they feel that you are only trying to take advantage of them they will not interact with your space.  If your users feel that you are trying to help them they will be happy to stay in your space.

The first step is to allow your visitors to know who you are.  What are you truly about?

No one comes to your space looking for your product.  Users come to your space to look for a solution to a problem they are having.  Can you help them solve their problem?  Are you sincere in trying to help them with the problem?

Your space can be a powerful place where you can truly build connections.  It can be a place where you are no longer relying on search engines to determine your fate.  When you tap into the full potential of your space the worry of keywords and copying other’s tactics become less important.

Now this is truly what a digital space is about.

Online Trickery Is Not A Sure Thing

Trickery isn’t a way to build quality prospects but it seems to be a growing practice on the web.  I’m not sure how this method has gotten so popular.  I understand the desperation at times to build leads quickly but do you put at stake quality for quantity? Tricking users to give you an email address to receive a document truly doesn’t give you an advantage.  When you start trying to interact with the email addresses that you collected you’ll start to understand quickly the lack of responsiveness.  You are working with email addresses from people who truly didn’t want to interact with you quite yet.

The thing that’s a little disturbing is that the message seems to be collect email addresses under any circumstance.  Isn’t the true intention to get users to purchase your product by interacting with your website?  I would prefer to interact with someone who has showed commitment by purchasing from me and has freely given me their email address.  If a person has committed by purchasing first I don’t have to do a lot of convincing for them to make an additional purchase.

There is a lot of confusion to me regarding how to collect information from online users.  Right now the trickery of collecting email addresses is coupled with the term of nurturing.  Call this what you want, it’s still someone who doesn’t really want what you have.  Just because you keep emailing them repeatedly doesn’t mean they are going to all of a sudden take you up on your offer.  The person who is going to take you up on your offer already had that intent prior to you tricking them for a document.  Don’t you think the person who you could have just let download the document freely is going to come back if they are truly interested?

Did I trick you to sign up for this blog?  No, you signed up freely because you wanted what I had to offer.

You need a weekly plan for your blog or website

To build a successful blog or website you need to have a weekly plan of what you would like to tackle.  You should be working on tasks everyday that add up to the weekly goal.  Not all of your daily tasks will be successful, some of them will be failures.  The failures will teach you what you need to do to adjust your approach for the long term.

Tasks in your plan can be as simple as write new headings for your web pages.  If you are writing a blog maybe it’s jotting down a calendar of each article piece you will write daily.  Planning will force you to have a vision of where you want to go with your digital platform.  Maybe you need some additional training so one of the tasks is to watch a video once a week.

Plans are true building blocks to achieving your long term goal.  The plan will help you see how long it will take you to build the website or blog that you want.  The misconception in the digital world is that you can build something over night and become rich.  Digital platforms may be easy and free to start but it’s going to truly take you some effort to build something that can support you.

The plan you create is what keeps you from giving up when things start to get hard.  Things are going to get hard, I promise.  When they do get hard you need to go back and look at your plan and stick with it.

It’s all about the small things online

One of the most common things on the web that I get questions about is how to get a web page to show in SEO.  The first question that I ask is, “What is the phrase that you want to show up in the search for?”  I’ll receive an answer back that’s something like, “executive watches”.  Once I understand the expected result return I’ll take a look at their web pages.   What I find is pretty much the same in all cases.  No where in the page do they have any reference to the phrase such as, “executive watches”.

What happens is that company gets so caught up in the mass tricks and techniques of how to get on the top page of a search engine they don’t do the small things.  If you can’t do the small things correctly how can you do the more advanced things?  In a world of rushing to the finish line the small important things are never mentioned.  With millions of sites trying to all get on the front page it’s not realistic to think your company page will come up for every search.  The best plan you have is to do all of the small things better than your competitor to achieve the success you are looking for.

What’s Your Compelling Reason

All digital platforms seem to have the same problem; getting traffic is almost an unrealistic act if you are unknown. What’s more interesting is that if you stop to pay attention most of the big named sites make their money off supplying traffic to you. Even though the way they are supplying traffic has changed it’s still the same concept as it was in the late 90s. Remember when you could pay to get traffic sent to your site and you found out it’s a robot? The only difference now is that there’s a better chance of it being a human because someone physically has to click the ad link.

How long do you think it will take for you to get a decent amount of traffic built from purchasing digital ads? I would imagine that you will need a massive budget to continue feeding the ad traffic. What will happen when you stop paying for your digital ad placement? Will your traffic completely stop or will you continue to have users visiting your site?

I believe the concept of supplying traffic as a service is a good business for the supplier. On the flip side, I believe for the receiver (you) it’s not realistic for you to maintain success with it. The only way to continue to receive traffic is you need something that is so compelling your users will keep looking for you. You can’t “buy” a compelling reason!


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