Change of thinking

The hardest thing to change is the way of thinking inside of an organization. We built a great site but knew older browsers would have some issues. We knew that we had to make a cutoff point. Getting other people to understand this viewpoint is what’s hard. This is the type of stuff that you don’t hear about in books. Issues like this are what keep old school sites in place.

Morning Tasks

Now that the sites are out and have been running overnight it’s time for some cleanup.

One of the things on the list is to go and check the webmasters tool for site verification. This needs to be done for better tracking and for google to assist in reporting errors it may see in your site. If you’ve never done this before it’s pretty easy. Go to and follow the prompts.

The Finish Line

So we finally launched two new site designs; and, it felt like this day would never get here. There were a lot of sleepless nights to make this happen. The sites aren’t completely done but I believe they do a good job representing the aviation industry.

The sophistication behind these sites is pretty nice. We still have some tweaking to do but now it’s time to begin a personalization strategy.

Something New & Better

So we built two websites in about a 6 month time frame. Its pretty spectacular but I sure don’t want to do it again. Even though the sites are nice if we had more time they would be even better. How many people can say they have built a website in both English and Mandorin in such a short time?

In two more days the sites will be launched and I can actually get some sleep.  The sites function on both computer and mobile  devices. The sites are being run by one of the best CMS systems out there. Stay tuned and I’ll share the links for you to see for yourself.

Speed During Build

It’s hard to go fast when building a sophisticated website. There are plenty of unknowns which make it hard to plan. If someone claims that you can build a complete project plan regarding a website build they’ve truly never done a large website build. All you can do is try to account for as much as possible and have a clear understanding with your team that things may get missed.  You will need to adapt to the project as it continues to make progress.

Be online to be remembered

Regardless of whether you are blogging or maintaining a website the idea is to be remembered. If you are remembered its easier to get someone  talk about your presence.  Your blog is like a piece of paper, there has to be something interesting on it or it carries no purpose or weight. No one wants to pass around a blank piece of paper. If the paper has a juicy secrete printed on it that changes everything.  The piece of paper will be passed around for days or even weeks. You won’t have to convince anyone to look at your piece of paper because it has created its own path.

What’s on your paper? Is your paper life changing? That’s what your reader is looking for!

Trial And Error

Finding the right combination to use with your Web marketing strategy is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will face.

To be able to understand what the right amount of adwords to use or even for how long. I can’t tell you the words that you should use but what I can say is that you need to budget for 6 months to 1 year. For your online ads to be successful you need to have persistent messaging over a period of time.

Web Magic

Websites are considered to be pages with images and text to the unsuspecting eye.  Did you know there is a lot going on behind those pages?  There is code that pulls in those images and text that at times is served to the page just for you.  Website are getting more and more sophisticated.  To help assist in getting you to make a purchase web strategist try to give you information that you may be more interested in.  Have you noticed if you buy something from your favorite website the next time you come back it tries to make suggestions of what you might like next?  This is not an accident, the website is creating a profile for you and trying to figure out what else you might purchase.

It’s web magic, I’ll share a little more with you later how this is done.

Keep going

It’s hard to continue to blog when you don’t see anything happening. You feel like no one uis looking at or listening to what you are saying. You have to keep blogging, you don’t know when that one post will be that will draw the traffic that you are wanting to your blog.

Blogging is hard work, there’s no magic marketing formula. You have to keep posting and continue to be sincere to your audience. If you keep posting things will happen. No one can give you a true time frame of when your blog will take off. Don’t believe the marketing gibberish of, “Let me show you how to get blog traffic in as little as 60 days”. That’s the line of of a good old snake oil salesman. He’ll be glad to take your money in exchange for a white paper that doesn’t work.

Blog From Your Heart

Blogging truly is something that has to come from the heart.  Your blog is your personality and takes the tone of how you write. Create your own style and don’t duplicate what someone else has done.  You will receive followers to your blog because they can connect with your experiences.

The flaw of many bloggers is they focus way too much on the technical aspects.  You don’t have to worry about SEO, SEM and all of those other jargons if you are producing the best posts that you possibly can.  People will naturally share things that they can see the value in.  Don’t worry about going “viral” – that’s just the latest jargon at the moment.

Blog every day, the more posts you write the better you will become.  Your readers will help you figure out the content you should be writing.  Some of your readers will tell you within posts what they would like for you to talk about more.


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