Catching Up

It seems like it has been forever since I’ve had some time to write on my blog. Life is keeping me busy but I need to make sure to always carve out some time for my digital projects.

I switched to be something completely different now.  I live in Wichita,KS and I’m tired of trying to find things to do for fun. I want a place that is only local to my area to keep track of events around town.

To accomplish the task I purchased a quick site off eBay so I could focus on what I do best – online marketing. I’m going to spend the month of August working on attracting users to list their events on the site. I’ve got an idea of what types of event posters I want to target. I’ll share that in a later post.

I’m hoping a month is enough time to at least get three to six people to sign up. If I get any number higher that’s a bonus. If I can keep in that range every month until December I’ll feel like it is a success.

This Press Release Almost Beat Me

Sometimes I catch myself up working late at night trying to keep up with the demands of a corporate website.  Sunday night was one of those days preparing a press release to be uploaded to the site for Monday morning.  Something so simple still takes a little bit of time to get it ready.  Press release loading never works without some type of glitch, the content management system (CMS) tends to have its own mind.  How many times can I change the HTML and the CMS puts it back the way that it wants it to be?  I can’t get frustrated, all I can do is laugh about it and figure out a way to deal with it.  When the task has been completed I sense a little bit of accomplishment but I can’t waist time thinking about it because I have plenty of other things to take care of.

Cheers to the press release that challenged me today at work, I think that I won the battle today but preparing myself for the one tomorrow.  Another press release awaits me, hopefully I will be the victor.

The Web That Evolves As Web Respect Dwindles

I remember when people were amazed by websites and respected everything about them.  It was years ago, maybe in the late 90s but the web was being introduced to the public.  I remember FrontPage was the application that everyone wanted to get their hands on.  There were classes and books on nothing but HTML and FrontPage.

Now it seems like websites are just looked at as pictures and text.  Something that can be created in a couple of hours and if it takes you any longer you are doing something wrong.   The respect for websites has started to dwindle because many people are used to seeing them daily.

A person who builds web pages knows that there are always issues.  Different browsers display items differently, which cause the developer to adapt his code.  These are what I call the hidden gems of the web, they are the moments that only people who work with websites will understand.  The joy of solving a problem that most people will never be aware that it ever existed.

Tag after tag a page slowly comes together like a piece of art.  On the backend to everyone else the tags look like a bunch of garbage.  To developers it’s like writing a book to tell a story to the rest of the world.

Speed Building of Websites

The corporate culture doesn’t play by the same rules as the tech industry. The world of fancy analytics terms just isn’t as interesting as it used to be. Number after number for multiple years the analytics become a conversation with no true meaning.  A lot of cute charts that 90% of the people in the room don’t understand but they shake their heads in agreement like they do.

Enjoy your memorial day

The memorial day break is always a good time to relax with family. This morning I had another idea about an app that I could build to go along with the resume builder. This will be one of my first apps to build that will work with a database. It will hold college information across the country where kids can easily find information about smaller colleges that don’t get a lot of exposure.

Early Morning PHP Building

I’ve already got up this morning and done a couple of tweaks to  I’ve added some analytics to the site and thanks to those of you who have looked at the site. I know that there’s not a lot there; it’s growing each day that I continue to work on it.  I started the site out with a minimal of things on it because that’s how a site truly starts.  There are times that we all see successful sites and think that they started with all the content and pictures that you see in their current state.  Most sites never start out this way, they have evolved over time by the suggestions of their users.  The site will be no different, it’s starting off with one box but will evolve once I hear more from others.

Things that I worked on this morning:

  • Added Google Analytics
  • Added additional checks for information submitted to the box
  • Centered the submit box
  • Added a back link to the main page for after the submission

Resume Assistance

I’m getting closer on adding trees to the forest. I’ve got started even though there’s not a lot there. I want you to see the site from its early beginnings to how it evolves over time. Right now it’s one of the ugliest sites that I’ve seen and the phone code is no where near completion.

I’m building the PHP code on my personal laptop before moving it up to the web server. I’ve got an update that I will push out either tonight or tomorrow to add more functionality to the checker. The purpose of the checker is to give users a reason to keep coming back to this page. It’s the simplest form of a Web app.

Adding To The Tree

The weekend is always the time that I try to catch up on working with my personal blogs. Today I’m going to add additional functionality to a resume builder at This website will be part of the forest that I talked about in earlier posts. There will be shared links between and I still haven’t figured out the strategy 100% but I’ve got some ideas to test out.

The resume builder that I’m working on will test different parts of a users resume and supply feedback. Its going to be rather simple and completely free. The point of the resume builder is to generate traffic to the blog  where Google AdSense is running.  Currently the Google AdSense on the blog is doing about .10 cents per day, nothing great but its a good foundation to build to something bigger.

Linkedin Drama

I figured out something that I don’t like about linkedin. For about a two months I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails from sales people. I couldn’t figure out where they were getting my information. The other day it all came to light because I got a voicemail from someone I didn’t know and he said he got my information from LinkedIn and he was expecting me to call him back to discuss his company’s offerings. I couldn’t believe it, I was a little frustrated considering how busy I am. Well if you are getting a lot of sales emails and calls it may be because of LinkedIn.

The online corporate cycle

The online corporate world feeds the rest of the world by buying products. The sad part about it is the corporate world rarely implements the products correctly. Disappointed in the results the corporate cultures blames the short comings on the product. The company never looks at itself to understand the issue is with its unrealistic processes or time frames.

The company moves ahead and repeats the cycle making the same mistake over and over.


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