Blogging is fun but most blogs have no traffic

Blogging is fun but there are a lot of blogs out here with the same problem – no traffic.  It’s very difficult to get traffic when you don’t have any recognition.  You have to figure out a way to get your blog known by others.  What does your blog offer that other blogs don’t?  Once you can figure this out it will be a lot easier to gain the traffic that you need.

You will need to focus on the niche; that thing you do better than everyone else.  The niche is how you want search engines to find your blog.  Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, search engine listings are like a form of branding.  The key words a person uses to find your blog in a search are the key words they will use later to find you again.  You need to make sure the keywords that you are being found for are the ones that truly reflect your blog.

One Web Manager – Multiple Hats

As time goes on the person who manages the website is also a project manager, graphic designer, technical support and possibly a writer.  These individuals wear multiple hats as companies restructure and never hire replacements.  As long as the website continues to function there is little interest in who is maintaining it.

With the multiple hat wearing there’s little time for working on the small details of a website.  The bigger issues such as those where people in the organization bring up take precedence.  It doesn’t truly mean these issues are any more important, it’s just that upper management has them on their radar.

The larger the site, the more problems it can have when there is one person wearing multiple hats.  It’s hard to keep up with the last time pages have been changed.  The website manager doesn’t have time to review all the pages and content while putting out fires.

Sitecore – CMS Built For Marketers

The more I work with Sitecore I realize how advanced of a content management system it is.  When the structure is setup correctly it is one of the easiest systems to learn.  You can be successful with a system such as this one without technical background.  To be superior you need some knowledge of technology.  Sitecore truly is a system built for marketers because of the extent of capabilities that are included such as analytics, personalization and email automation.

I’ve been using Sitecore for a little over two years now.  If you are looking for a content management system to run your website I highly encourage you to give it a chance.  The only flaw that I see with sitecore at the moment is the lack of training classes.  I’ve been looking for some training for quite some time and it appears they only have like two classes per year.  The website even has remote/online classes but they are never available.

Respect The Difficulty Level

Websites have been around since the late 90s now. It has become such a familiar item that company culture has forgotten what it truly takes to build the beautiful sites that you see everyday. It takes a highly skilled person to put that image and text on the digital space that you see. It’s not the same as building a Word document or PowerPoint slide.

Looks too easy

When you are good at what you do there are times people will take your work for granted. Many times you will hear from others, “it’s easy to build that page”. How do they know if it’s easy or not when they’ve never done it? This is the type of stuff that gets a team into trouble because someone else is misinforming others.

No response if it’s done correctly

One thing I’ve learned from working on company websites is that if you do the job correctly you don’t get a response from within. If you make a mistake on something it’s like a fire exploded inside the building and it’s an emergency. No news is good news in this field.

Impossible deadlines

Just because you push your team to the brink to finish a project doesn’t mean it is the correct solution. Did your team do the job to the best of their abilities or did the do it just well enough to get by? Band aids and duct tape are never good solutions to hold pieces together. Why would you think it would work for business problems?

Finding your teams digital voice

Weekends are always a good time to think about strategies.  It’s a time away from the constant change of the work environment and multiple opinions.  Building a path for a team is hard due to all of the outside interference.  Trying to carve a path is tricky without damaging relationships with other departments.  For your digital marketing team to find its own voice and cadence it must take control of the situation.

Waste of time

Time seems to be the one thing that is consistently moving. Time is squandered away in corporate environments due to how much of it is used to convince others on strategies. There’s not a lot of time when you are talking about implementing online campaigns. The corporate culture is hard to change and sometimes it feels futile. Hopefully it won’t be too late before you can make something happen in an environment that refuses to change.

There’s no one time big bang

A mistake that I see quite a bit is putting all of your effort into one campaign. You expect the one campaign to generate all of your leads at once. It’s truly not realistic, it’s like we created a fantasy world when it comes to online marketing.

Build your online campaigns to compliment one another. You are trying to reinforce a message to gain the result you want over a period of time.


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