New Sitecore Book

If you are interested in learning more about Sitecore there’s a book coming out in January.  There’s very limited amounts of reference material out on Sitecore for some reason.

If you have no experience with Sitecore you can get the marketing cook books from the sitecore development portal but they aren’t as detailed as you need some times.  The books in the portal are free pdf downloads, you just need to create a login account.

I’m looking forward to “Practical Sitecore 8 Configuration and Strategy”, by Phil Wicklund.  It’s a real physical book so I’m hoping that it’s more detailed and really dives into some of the concepts that the pdf documents briefly touch on.  A marketer like myself I really need to understand the details about a concept and how it was intended to work.


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Online Speed Balance

Building sites fast is a push that the team I’m a part of strives for.  Finding the balance of building quality sites at a high rate of speed is the hard part.  If the design looks good to most people they believe the site must be great.  The reality is the design is just for show, it’s the stuff on the backend that makes a site truly valuable.  (I know some people will completely disagree with me but it’s the truth.)

There are times where my team pushes back on the requestors of sites.  We don’t want to put out something that no one is going to be happy with.  But the requestors many times have a date in mind that they want a site launched.  There’s no true advantage to my team when we don’t stand up against rushing to meet deadlines while compromising on the quality.  We tend to ask ourselves, “Do we want to fix the site now or wait until it’s live and the user experience is not good?”

What’s your corporate digital strategy

Companies believe they have a strategy but often times they only have individual tasks they are focusing on.  When asked if all the tasks are driving to the same online marketing goal it’s clear they didn’t think about that.

Most online marketing plans are fragmented, groups are working in their own silos.  There’s no combined message so the consumer will never hear the same message in multiple online platforms.

Companies need to spend less time on buying new tools and truly focus on how they are enticing new consumers to buy online.  Marketing teams forget the company is in business to make a sale, not purchase new tools.

How does your digital strategy support the sale of your product?  If you can’t answer this question you’ve missed the whole point of your online strategy’s purpose.

So Little Time

It has been a while since I’ve had some time to write on this blog.  It has been on my mind all day that I needed to get back to writing about the digital world that I’m a part of.

My digital space consists of air planes and more air planes.  Now that I’m responsible for three websites my day is pretty much full.  There’s no time for rest, I’m always finishing something and moving on to the next item.

Today  I worked on building some additional functionality into a couple of aircraft pages on  If you get some free time and want to do some general reading check out the “Journey” section on any of the aircraft model pages and see what you think.

The stories on Journey are pretty nice, if you have any interests in air planes the stories help you to understand why you would buy one.  At some point during my life I would like to own an air plane.  I don’t have my pilots license but my dream plane is a Cessna TTx.

Thinking About Components

Components are the next phase of corporate website building.  If you think about a web page as holding pieces you can fully understand how components work.  The web page is just a container and a component is what makes up the page.  A component can be a picture, sentence or a paragraph of text.

It’s really hard for people to grasp component thinking because web pages have been so basic for many years.  I still have trouble explaining componentization within the company that I work for.  One of the techniques I try to use is showing a component on a page and then trying to explain to them why using a component is better.

One of the sites that I just finished that is component based is  Even though the site looks static it has the ability to be changed based on who is viewing the site.  So an example would be “Person A” comes from a banner advertisement on the home page and they see a main image and text that matches the banner advertisement.  “Person B” comes from an email link  and they see something completely different that matches the email.

Facebook Ads Are Moving Slowly

It has been a little over a month since I started running ads on Facebook looking for musicians to add their events to  It’s a slow painful process watching to see if I receive any clicks and also how much it will cost me each day.  I knew that this wouldn’t be an overnight success kind of online marketing effort but I didn’t think it would be this tough.  My daily budget has been $3, it may not seem like a lot but it is to me when it comes out of my personal finances.  I’m getting two to three clicks per day from this budget which I’m starting to understand is no where near the amount of volume that I need.

I need to rethink my approach when it comes to marketing the site; I’m not sure what it’s going to be though.  I truly don’t feel like I’m getting enough value for the amount of money that I’m putting into this.  I already know that I won’t let the ads run past December.  Right at this moment I’m thinking about stopping them at the end of October.

What’s my offer worth to others?

The beauty of marketing is giving the customer a reason to act towards something they want or believe they need at a fair price.  To follow the statement I sent an email to some musicians offering them the ability to post three of their events for free.  This will allow me to see if the offer is strong enough to get a reaction from them.  I’ll use this to gauge if the offer needs to be stronger.

This rule in marketing seems pretty basic but it’s actually difficult to figure out.  I believe that I know what my offer is worth, but that doesn’t mean that others believe the same thing.

Continue the course

Things are a little slow, but I’m pushing on with a lot of hope that I can get this site up and running successfully.  From the online ads on facebook I’m up to 5 paid visitors a  day.  These visitors are targeted visitors that I’m trying to get to start using the service.  Patience is very hard, while trying to get these users enrolled.  It hasn’t been one full month yet so there’s plenty of time for the site to start gathering users.

I will continue to push on and stay the course – following the strategy that I’ve laid out.

Headed out to see what’s going on in Wichita

Getting ready to go out and see what’s going on tonight in Wichita.  It’s a nice day to eat outside so hopefully we can find a spot with outside seating.  Maybe I’ll find some additional events to capture on the website as well.

Submitted a sitemap for so hopefully the search engines will review and capture additional pages.

Musicians where are you?

Three days of facebook online ads focusing on collecting musicians in the local area.  Currently there are no signups but this is one of those times I’ve got to stay the course.  Marketing of any type is a numbers game, you have to figure out how many people you have to attract before you finally get a conversion.  Currently I’m getting 2 clicks a day for every 600 times my ad is being showing.

It’s just a matter of time before a musician takes my offer on  I have to be completely prepared once the offer is accepted; to deliver the best online marketing I can for the musician.


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