What did Curleys teach me about Facebook?

There’s a place around the corner from my house called “Curleys”.  The only reason that I know that it exists is because I was at the ATM yesterday and happened to see a truck parked in front of me with “Curleys” on the side.  Right next to the truck there was a little sign in the grass that said “Now Open” with an arrow pointing to Curleys.  To give you a better view into the situation Curleys is in a building that sits behind a couple of other buildings.  I can tell you the building has been multiple other restaurants prior to Curleys.  None of the businesses were successful because of the location.  Will Curleys be any different?

The situation that Curleys is using for its promotion is what many online businesses do for Facebook.  They sink a lot of time in preparing the physical business but slack on the online Facebook promotion strategy.  Even though I saw the sign and truck for Curleys most likely I still won’t go there. So what does this have to do with your Facebook fan page?  Facebook fan pages are viewed in the same manner, people won’t go there unless they already have an idea of what it’s about.

Don’t be a Curley, make a Facebook ad and give it a fair amount of time to run.  You truly need to promote if you are going to build a fan following.

About jhasmal

Online marketing and communications professional for one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

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