Online facebook fans to real world fans

So the fan page is still moving ahead with full steam.  One thing that I didn’t expect is for the fans to start contacting me that are local.  I’ve had multiple people stop me and say they would like to purchase a pen.  I thought that most of the purchases would be online since we are in a digital time.  I was completely wrong at the moment, the people who have come to me said they prefer to purchase face to face.

Now that I know face to face is very important in the purchasing funnel for my pens I need to figure out how to handle it better.  How does my fan page fit into this?  Should I only use the fan page to show the pens that I’ve made for my face to face customers with the intent of getting more local customers?  At the moment I’ve only had one customer who lives in another state.  I think it’s most likely because of the trust relationship that I’m still trying to build with people who don’t actually know me.

About jhasmal

Online marketing and communications professional for one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

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